How the Grinch stole away half December from 119 Go players + Rookies !

Dear members of ASR league, dear Rookies & Go friends !

Most of you – at least 119 players (of total 403 registered members) who entered for the league month December – have been tackled by some technical issues of ASR’s regular website since 15th December.


The major impact onto your gaming was that you had no accesss to the results page with the players list + scoring.

 I give you my sincere apologies as well as from all the ASR team members for the inconveniences you experienced last two weeks for your Go studies.

Therefore the ASR Team made the decision exceptionally for those who did not manage to follow the regular rule to play minimum four (4) games they can stay in same league division (alpha, beta, gamma or delta) to compete in league month January 2017 !

How the Grinch stole away half December from 119 Go players + Rookies ! – By analysing the log files we found in total three (3) seriously issues:

  • Defect in the cachelib file of WP_ASR plugin which was designed by former volunteers … herewith the content of the binary cache file cannot be built to create monthly the results table for each single league division.
  • Timer defect of the cron job which manages the automated crawler to pick up the games from KGS archive every 5 minutes – designed by former volunteers. The cron job keeps the crawler on standby (for more than 400 years) till coming into action again. A manual re-start of the crawlerseems not possible.
  • The SSL certificate ( h t t p s : / / … ) which worked well since November had blocked unexpected  port 80 + 443… inspite the SSL certificate test went successfully after new installation. For now we set the ASR website back to regular h t t p : / / … till we will have configured a new SSL certificate.

We suppose the indiviual coded tools – the manipulations of the WordPress theme (design format for look & feel of ASR’s website) by former volunteers beside the specific WP_ASR plugin for managing the results tables  and the event management system (which runs separately with own MySQL database from the WordPress) linked with WP – have more than one single bug. – Or was it the Grinch fooling us shortly before Xmas ?

The new ASR team which overtook the ASR project end of June 2016 didnt receive any detailled documentations of the upper named tools by former volunteers. Searching for the bugs/software errors is like navigating a ship in thick fogg without having a sharp radar eye.

Therefore we seriously have thought during last days about the main issue to depend technically on a system which misses any clear transparency by lack of fully documentation.

It is obvious for us we cannot continue this unsecure way… as it is not the self given quality standard we like to follow. Therefore we have to think about a new solution for the league system, built up from the scratch to avoid as much as possible bugs caused by invisible reasons like this heavy crash we experienced on 15th December.

We have already developed a plan for an interesting and scalable alternative. We are working intensively on it to bring it up to you in the near future.

We wish you very happy end of year holidays. – See you all in 2017 !

Warm greetings
Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)
The ASR Team


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