In the video archive now: 2 hrs ASR teaching game (audio/video) with Guo Juan (Pro 5 Dan)

Each month the winner of Alpha league division is rewarded with a teaching game by Guo Juan 5p – one of ASR’s highly profiled GO teachers ! So happened on 12th Dezember 2016 with Syxok (3 Dan), the winner of October league ( see announcement ).

Guo J. commented live via audio channel during the teaching game. Today the full streamcast (2 hrs) for your Go studies went online – cost free !

Following material underlies CC licence (BY-NC-ND)

GuoChuan-at-USGo-Congress-Boston-04082016-1Language: ENG

Moderation: Guillaume Douron (4 Dan CGF)

Teacher: Guo Juan (Pro 5 Dan, China)
Go Student/ASR League member: Syxok (3 Dan)

Date: 12th Dezember 2016  (05:00-07:00 pm UTC)
venue: ASR Game Room @ goKGS – Online Go server

 THIS VIDEO IS OF HIGH RESOLUTION QUALITY (HD) you can read the chat comments with. – Enjoy your GO studies.

More ASR videos and Go lectures here:

The Game as KIFU (SGF format)… download here.



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