Rookie Challenge Contest starts now… for all 35 candidates

… sent to all 35 registered Go players with “status as candidates”

———- email message ———-

From: ASR – Advanced Study Room (league) <image-asr-gmail-1>
Date: Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 3:36 AM
Subject: Rookie Challenge Contest starts now… for all candidates
To: …

Dear ASR member,We appreciate greatly your interest in ASR – Advanced Study Room and your patiency. Your “status as candidate” might soon have its end.

Yet you do not fulfill the minimum standards for playing in the monthly ASR league –

Therefore in order to suppport you in your Go studies from now on and to become eligible to play in the regular ASR league very soon the ASR Team has created a new gaming platform, the “Rookie Challenge Contest“.

Specific info page here:

The system is up since Sunday, December 11th – 12:00 am UTC (as pre-announced).

You can play from now on with other candidates/rookies in the ASR room on KGS same way (technically) as the regularly league players. Today we count 34 candidates you can play virtually in the Dojo (one class division).

All rookies (= 34 opponents) you find in the results list here:

There is no limited time to play your minimum games. When you are ready you will be seeded into the regular ASR league.

Take care to tag all games with #asr (or #ASR) in the games chat, see the yellow batch sticker in your personal profile page …

We hope you will enjoy this new format. Let us know any feedback/critics via the contact form here:

… or in the ASR forum, in the specific Rookie Challenge threat

Have a great time in your beginnings !

Warm greetings
The ASR team
/ ASR – Advanced Study Room /

P.S.: Next teaching game with Guo Juan (Pro 5 Dan) cost free on Monday, December 12th, 5:00 pm UTC live (audio) in the ASR room on KGS ! See you there


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