Advent season: NOVEMBER prizes… 2x teaching games with Guo Juan in December

Dear members of ASR league, dear Go friends!

The cold winter grabbed many of us in last weeks. Neither it has influenced the overall activity too badly nor your gaming mood . For instance we count Hyperman1with 25 games, fightordie with 22 games and an unstoppable GoDave89 who won Beta division. 80% = 83 players (of 105 registered ) have started to play in the ASR league month November. In total: 277 games, with 59% active players (who played minimum 4 games) and 16 % of all potential minimum games.

The huge loss of KGS accounts had a dramatic change onto the landscape of Go players who register newly for the monthly ASR league. We have noticed more than 8,000 since 7th August (see graph). – The unique event in November with Cho Chikun playing a three games match against Deep Zen Go had not any compensating or increasing effect, as we had experienced it in spring with Alphago. Here KGS counted a plus of ~7,000 new accounts.

asr-rookie-challenge-logo-sharpen-with-slogan-no-borders-280-94Beside the registrations of 105 Go players in November we had the pleasure to welcome another seventeen (17), who yet do not fulfill the minimum standards to play in the regular ASR league. – In total we count now 37 so called “candidates”. The ASR Team worked over last weeks to setup a new platform for these “beginners”… as the ASR – Advanced Study Room shall not become an elitist place only for advanced players. Please take notice about the new “ASR Rookie Challenge” which will start on 11th December.

Also do not miss our last newsletter we have pre announced the teaching dates with Guo Juan (Pro 5 Dan) live in the ASR room (on KGS Go server) on 5th + 12th December.

As the ASR team is in middle of its plannings for coming year – we are also very glad to inform you that the ASR – Advanced Study Room will have Go professional Guo Juan to continue in 2017 within a new mix of formats. More info about it end of the year. (Rec.: Take the chance to review past ASR teachings; they are all recorded and available in the archive here: .)

ASR’s November Prizes


… within the different league divisions – Congrats !league-design-ASR

  • (monthly) rotation principles

    alpha-symbol-1-small – Alpha 1st : karnickel won one (1) teaching game
    with Guo Juan (5P) red-arrow-left-small-15pt audio live on KGS Go Server / date to be announced soon

  • alpha-symbol-1-small – Alpha 2nd : soutkin won three (3) audio Go lessons.
  • beta-symbol-small – Beta 1st : GoDave89 won three (3) audio Go lessons.
  • beta-symbol-small – Beta 2nd : Snizhka won two (2) audio Go lessons.
  • 11395265height150width150gamma-symbol-small – Gamma 1st : Nachtmahr won two (2) audio Go lessons.
  • 11395265height150width150gamma-symbol-small – Gamma 2nd : kwinin won one (1) audio Go lesson.
  • delta-small-18 – Delta 1st : Hyperman1 won one (1) audio Go lesson.
  • Placement League 1st : fightordie went up to beta-symbol-small (Beta).
  • Placement League 2nd & 3rd : junkienut both went up to 11395265height150width150gamma-symbol-small (Gamma).

All audio go lessons are taking place at Guo Juan’s Internet Go School.

All winners should get in touch with me (aka litchee) before the 15th of December to get their prizes. (Rec.: You easily can use the contact form on the ASR website here I get a copy directly via email.)

the-2nd-advent-sunday-peace-candleIt’s Advent season … the right time to order some attractive Go related Xmas gifts !

donate-safe-and-secure-button-072016-1Please think about that if you buy Go materials and equipment from our partner Go Game Guru the ASR League gets a 10% cut. – Buy a new Goban, Go stones or book series online there and it will support a safely future of ASR  – Advanced Study Room.

We have expenses to pay (e.g. bandwidth + server costs, software license, legal advice, tax consultancy, programming/coding, design) as every NGO project has to.

It’s a win-win situation for both: you can progress in Go more easily, and ASR can live on by your donation ! – Also check out other ways to support the ASR League.

Let’s warm up our hearts for interesting Go games in cold winter season !

Warm greetings from Hangzhou/China
Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)
– ASR Team Manager / ASR – Advanced Study Room (league)



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