From the Office desk… New Horizons…

Dear Go fellows, dear members of ASR League !

Since the last “From the Office desk” notice on 3rd August (see former notice here) we worked quietly (more or less) on all the different tasks.

Beginning of July I have promised not to be hiding “behind the curtain”. Transparency and an open dialogue shall be the policy for the ASR Team. So, we keep going to lift up the curtain and take a look at some relevant steps.

The last 12 weeks felt like being far behind the horizon… and now the final editing of the first video shooting which took place on 17th September in Hangzhou (China) is done with a small team… and different tests for new features are running smoothly on the server.

Hope you like the short video message and you can see it as a sign, that from week to week the new horizon we like to explore for ASR’s future becomes visible.

Looking at the first 12 weeks since I started as new ASR manager, after a very slow progress of new registrations in August and low gaming activities – with negatively tendencies already in June an July, we managed it to stop this trend. We have good hopes, that it might become the best month since I am in charge ! – Keep actively playing till 30th Sept ! – Its still 5 days to go.


Actually we reached on 23rd September 300 league members. This target (benchmark) was set by ourselves already in June. Luckily we reached our objective one week earlier.

I sincerely thank all of you for your trust. The radical changes we have to do to give the ASR league a future in 2017 needs time and the ASR Team is very aware to stress your patience. Thanks for your kind waiting over last three months so far.


Next week (night from 28th to 29th Sept) there will be another server upgrade… the 2nd one which is needed to run some more security protocols safely, e.g. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). You might have noticed already on the donation page, that we target at – beside the existing Paypal service – to give you two more payment gateways. E.g. with WePay and Stripe you don’t need to login to PayPal anymore. The first internal tests of the plugins are promising.

New functions and features shall be implemented in a few steps over next months. The “roll-outs” are planned as following:

1. Subscribe option… to allow yourselves to be informed about all news on the ASR website via email notification, planned for mid October !

2. Individual game planning… to organize your league games easily by Instant chat + (personalized) private messaging system (inclusive email notification) + calendar tool (inclusive email notification). Beta tests are planned end of October !

As perspective for November:

3.1 Mission & Vision statement… to give you a clear picture about the ASR future we would like to work on next 2-5 years to become competitive in the modern environment of GO studies for mid November !

3.2 Team & Teachers profiles page… to know who is behind the ASR team and know more about us. Planned for early December !

4.  application page… for your Volunteer opportunities (as per-announced); where you will be able to send your online application to become part of the ASR Team. Planned for mid December !

… and finally for midth of December (hopefully before Xmas)

5. browser based gaming account (java free)… Please, read about with the post of last Friday realted to the huge KGS Go server account losses at the size of 8.46% (in only 33 days) here.

While waiting for these new features, please keep the ASR spirit alive, ask for individual game reviews. We have setup a section in the ASR forum since two months, see

As the ASR – Advanced Study Room is made by the ASR Team for its global community, we encourage you to give feedback and critics about what you would like to see in the further future… to support your indiviual Go studies. Let us know your opinions in the ASR Forum.

All the best from Hangzhou, China
Guillaume D. – 4 Dan CGF (aka litchee)


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