From the office desk: second week… the job of a watchmaker

Hello, dear Go friends & league members !

This “week report” starts to run a little more smoothly ! As I said in my last week post, creating a safe environment  for the league members, guarantee data privacy and intensifying a communication (driven by transparency) are my main areas to focus on, for now in this very early stage.

Therefore the security for logins, and protection against bot attacks (brute force attacks) has been improved heavily by implementing (triple) reCaptcha and identity fields (for comments under each post and page) ! – Nothing of relevant security mechanisms existed before I overtook the “job” and some more will be implemented (e.g. server based malware scanner). – Yet, the performance of the Debian Linux 8nserver (actually: 512 MB Ram / 20 GB space) isn’t what ASR should need. Budget calculations are going here about.


The server performance needs some pimping, as for now 2-3 times per week the server runs out of memory (see graph) – in consequences the MySQL database is being disconnected. I apologize for… and we are working on it intensively with the provider support team to find an adequate solution. All your game records are in no risks !  Keep playing 🙂

As for all the new inter-active oriented communication (later we talk separately about “social medias“), you can see a new and optimized contact form.

Such (technically) work is just little details here and there which regularly should have been part since years… as such features are standard on every blog page for nearly a decade, specifically for WordPress which is used for the ASR league – a very powerful content management and author system.

ASR & social medias
ASR & social medias

The only way the ASR league can survive is by clearing financial aspects (e.g. budgeting for 2017) and an adequately legal frame (e.g. tax free NGO, ownership and copyrights/intellectual property). It is very urgent to set up a legal structure… actually here about detailed researches have started looking through ASR’s history of 14 years (going back to 2002, that time linked with CBG’s Teaching room). Many people since that had and have been involved.
Therefore this is the next “bigger job” behind the office desk to clarify and define a concept covering all legal aspects of ASR’s existence; so it can have a peaceful and joyfully “virtual home” for our league members.

new life as ASR manager feels like a watchmaker to restore an old clock.

picture – courtesy of AWCI (American Watchmakers – Clockmakers Institute) –

Meanwhile remember and keep an eye on Guo Juan‘s teaching games as we had it today (see post here). You can find some in ASR’s new Youtube Channel which had been uploaded this week. (Rec.: Guo will present a special teaching program “typical mistakes” (four sessions) for the US Go Congress which starts on 30th July in Boston.)

And be aware of our news about upcoming ASR events….  league game reviews and live streaming commentary of the first Japanese Go congress (which has started today), the 60th European Go Congress in St. Petersburg (as announced since longer in the ASR forum) and the Pandanet Go European Team Championship (22nd July) are in pre-plannings !

In all it will be an intense Go summer ! – That’s all for now… hopefully I will have time to play some league games, see you in front of a Go board 🙂


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