From the office desk: ASR in 2nd half of 2016…

Dear ASR members, dear Go friends !

… today is my first post with fully responsability for the ASR (league).

As you might already noticed from my last post in June, Climu has left ASR as an admin (and programmer) as he will leave to Japan very soon (for holidays or more) – a real Go paradise for Westeners. He has done an amazing job over the last months, putting the league back on it’s feet in April and having programmed the league system which will give us a good bases for the future, hopefully. It is a sure fact that without Climu ASR wouldn’t have experienced a revival in spring 2016… after a longer period of sleepy mood. So let’s give Climu a huge thanks. I wish him a good and safely trip to Asia.

I (aka litchee) overtooked the full responsibility for ASR with the intentions to lead ASR into a successfully future. Later more about my life in China and playing Weiqi (the Chinese word for GO) over there.

For short range I have to announce that the financial situation of ASR is not at its best. One of our regular donator won’t proceed his monthly support further on (because of private circumstances). Therefore we need to suspend the book prizes temporary and focus more on the core of ASR, the teachings (as we will have one today with Su Yang, 6 Dan).

Donate-to-ASR-buttonMeanwhile if by any chances given to you ASR will be delighted for your (financially) support … as ASR runs fully by volunteering.

During following weeks I will work intensively to present a first draft of solution to ensure a good future for ASR – in the long run. Feel free to express yourself on what you expect to see from ASR, to give feedback and ideas on our ASR Forum over here.

Enjoy your games in the monthtly ASR league.

Warm greetings from China
Guillaume Douron (aka litchee)

P.S.: some impressions of my home city in East China. Its Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province.



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